At Sea with God

Led Margaret Silf 

Now rearranged to 2021 - Tuesday 16th March 4.00pm - Thursday 18th March 2.00pm  

£175 - Includes en-suite accommodation, all meals and refreshments

Please note - There are only a few places left, please book early to avoid disappointment. 

This retreat will explore our spiritual journey using the metaphor of seafaring.

The seafaring metaphor can be a helpful way to explore our spiritual journeying. We will reflect on our lives and circumstances as the 'boat' in which we make the voyage of life.

What are we carrying on board - both precious cargo and excess baggage?

What has moved us forward in our journeying, and how do we navigate our way through the unpredictable seas of life?

What causes the storms, and how might we deal with them?

What about the times when we feel we are simply "going nowhere"? 

Where are we going, where do we find our anchor points, and how do we keep moving on?

(Based on the book 'At Sea with God')


Margaret Silf was born and raised in South Yorkshire, U.K. She was baptized a Methodist, joined the Anglican Church at 15, and was received into the Roman Catholic faith at 20. She experienced a genuine return to God, however, in her mid-30s, aided by a Jesuit. Today she calls herself a “boundary dweller,” no longer belonging to a particular Christian denomination and more at home outside the institutional church than within. In the 1990s she studied with the Jesuits of the British Province and began incorporating Ignatian spiritual practices into her daily life.

Formerly a technical writer for the computer industry in Great Britain, Silf took early retirement to devote more of her time to creative forms of writing, accompanying others in their prayer journeys and is passionate about making Christian spirituality, and especially Ignatian spirituality, accessible to people with no theological background. She travels widely as a speaker and retreat director. Her writing springs from personal prayer and is an expression of her own journey with God.


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