Stop, Look and Listen Days

These mini retreats are a chance to step back from your busyness, and listen to what God is saying to you.

Each day starts with coffee at 9.30am and ends with tea at 3.30pm.

Booking forms available from:

Or call 01928 733777




£22 per person- includes lunch and refreshments.


Coming Home 

10th September - Led by the Revd Heather Carty

Extravagant, lavish and unrestrained- in the Father heart of God we find a love which knows no limits, forgiveness which knows no boundaries, and joy which knows no restraint.Throughout this day we shall set time aside to encounter ourselves as God's beloved children and to explore the invitation to know him more deeply through the parable of the two sons. Word, music image and prayer spaces will help us listen for the voice of Love that says "you are my beloved" as we continue to journey 'home'. 


Praying the Lord's Prayer

8th October - Led by the Revd George Crowder

We say it so often without thinking! Yet it is the most perfect expression of prayer and encapsulates all Christian life and faith in elegant simplicity. Come and meditate on this great gift of Christ, and you will find it will rend your heart and bring you closer to God our Father.


12th November 

Led by the Revd Andrew Emerson


Shades of Advent: Lights, Nights and Rights

10th December - Led by the Revd David Herbert

This is an opportunity to explore the various shades of Advent, its lights, nights and rights. The day will have three reflections, along with time for people to rest, pray, talk or walk.