By Still Waters: A series of reflections on the Psalms

These mini retreats are a chance to step back from your busyness, and listen to what God is saying to you.

Each day starts with coffee at 9.30am and ends with tea at 3.30pm.

Booking forms available from:

Or call 01928 733777



£23 per person- includes lunch and refreshments.


Monday 11th February 

Psalm 42 - Led by the Revd Ron Iveson 


Monday 11th March 

Psalm 51 - Led by the Revd Angela Askwith 


Monday 8th April 

Psalm 23 - Led by the Revd Kath Williamson 


Monday 13th May 

Psalm 44 - Led by the Revd Liz Shercliff 


Monday 10th June 

Psalm 150 - Led by the Revd Rob Wardle  


Monday 8th July 

Psalm 74 - Led by Chris Slater 


Monday 9th September

Psalm 137 - Led by the Revd Roger Clarke


Monday 14th October 

Psalm 9 - Led by the Revd Anne Samuels


Monday 11th November 

Psalm 63 - Led by Gill Morgan 


Monday 9th December 

Psalm 43 - Led by the Revd Graham Green