Still, Small Voice...

With reflections, worship and space to simply ‘be’, these restful quiet days offer the opportunity to retreat from everyday life and return feeling refreshed and renewed to continue hearing the ‘still small voice of calm’.

Each retreat day is lead by a guest retreat leader and has it's own theme, starting with tea and coffee at 9.30am and finishing at 3.30pm.


£24.00 per person- includes lunch and refreshments.












Thursday 26th May

Consider the Lilies

A reflective look at the awe and wonder of creation and the tranquility we can receive from that.

Using verses such as Matt 6:26-33 we will focus on the peace and tranquility we can gain from creation.

The retreat will use silence and reflective sessions as well as times of praise.

Retreat Leader: Revd Karen Andrews

Revd. Karen was a biologist before being ordained and before that was one of those children who always looked for little creatures in the garden, stopped on walks to investigate leaves and was only happy on a beach if there were rock pools to examine. Karen is a Curate in Chester diocese and is kept busy looking after three rural parishes.




Wednesday 15th June 

Bread for the Journey

An opportunity to step out of our usual routines, to enjoy the quiet and beautiful surroundings of Foxhill and to explore praying with Scripture.

Our theme is Bread for the Journey and it's for anyone who needs some silent space in which to rest, to listen to God and to find sustenance in prayer and Scripture for the next stage in the journey.

The day will begin with Morning Prayer and end with a quiet service of Holy Communion. In between there will be three guided meditations where we'll explore a simple way of praying silently with Scripture, as taught by the Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer.

These will start from the question, 'How many loaves do you have?' (Matthew 15.34) and include reflections on Elijah in the wilderness (1 Kings 19.4-9), the manna from heaven (Exodus 16) and the feeding of the five thousand (Luke 9.12-17).

I hope this will be a time of relaxation and refreshment for us all. I shall also be available for private conversations if required.

Retreat Leader: Revd Josie Tuplin

Josie was born in West Yorkshire and taught Classics in Birkenhead for many years. She's on the diocesan list of Spiritual Directors/Companions and was trained as a retreat conductor by the Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer. Josie is currently Assistant Curate at Woodchurch on the Wirral and teaches Old Testament to trainee Readers. She lives in Birkenhead with her husband, a cat and three chickens and enjoys silence, the outdoors and detective fiction.



Thursday 23rd June 

By Still Waters

This day is for anyone who would value setting time apart to be still before God, and to come away and be refreshed in these beautiful surroundings. Together we shall reflect on what it means for us to find rest by still waters, even in the busyness of life.

Lucy says: Whether you come feeling that you are being tossed around in stormy seas, or swept along by strong currents, it is my hope and prayer that, together, we shall find our way to the still waters of Psalm 23.

The day will be divided into three sections. There will be short acts of worship and times of contemplative prayer; some input based around key passages of scripture; as well as some music and poetry to help us to reflect on how God is speaking to us. Outside of these short, structured times you will have the opportunity to enjoy the stillness of the chapel and the beauty of the grounds.


Retreat Leader: Revd Lucy Brewster

I am the Assistant Curate at St Mary’s, Partington and Carrington, which is both a privilege and a delight. As a country girl thrust into urban living – I have lived in London, Durham, Birkenhead and now Stockport – I have a yearning for times of refreshment and quiet to be found in the natural world, and to share those (some of the time!) with others. Although I have led similar days in various settings, this will be my first Foxhill Quiet Day. As I look forward to meeting you in this place, which is centred round a well, I shall be praying that each of us will know the refreshing of the life-giving water of which Jesus spoke in John 4.



Monday 4th July


Retreat Leader: Revd Vanessa Layfield



Thursday 21st July





Monday 5th September 

Art - Opening our minds to Ecountering God

This Day Retreat seeks to help Christians encounter the living God expressed through art and images in our time.

No previous knowledge of art is required, but an openness to find God through the eyes of sculptors and artists through different cultures and mediums that can influence and expand our vision and vocabulary of how our faith is witnessed and expressed. today.

The Day Retreat will look at how art:

  • Is used to shape, influence and determine our faith using both a portfolio of images in Western Art but also helping people to reflect on what resources influence them to know God today. What are you looking for ... Come and see- John 1. 38-39 
  • Can challenge us to see Christ through how the Holy Spirit works through human response in faith. Who do you say that I am - Mark 8. 29
  • Can create a resource for how we see God in our own lives and communities. For all of you are one in Christ Jesus - Galatians 3. 28

There will be space for personal reflection and prayer throughout the day of how art can inspire and encourage us to express our own faith where we live, work and serve.

Retreat Leader: Canon Jeremy Dussek

I am the Precentor of the Cathedral and responsible for the organisation of worship here. I led the team that organised the 2021 'Global Images of Christ' exhibition and arranged other art installations. As a musician, I am passionate about how 'the arts' can help us enlighten and express our faith and make Christ known afresh to our contemporary and secular society. Having led Quiet Days including those on Marc Chagall, Bach's St Matthew Passion and Silence and Art, I'm looking forward to offering space for people to personally and reflect on how the visual arts can inspire and challenge to discover the living God through humanity, the environment and culture



Friday 30th September 





Thursday 13th October 


Retreat Leader: Sarah Batchelor 



Monday 31st October 





Friday 4th November 

An opportunity for you to find inner stillness through noticing and writing. The day will be focused on the spirituality of the natural world, especially trees.

This day will offer an opportunity to be still with among the things that live and grow around Foxhill House – the Book of Nature that so often speaks to us of God. Andrew has published a collection of poems, Hob Hey, which are brief responses to an area of woodland. Themes from this book will act as starting points in this quiet day, along with music and pictures.

Retreat Leader: Andrew Rudd


Andrew Rudd spent much of the pandemic walking and writing in woodland – contemplative activities which sustain him in spiritual accompaniment, poetry, teaching and preaching. He is a Reader in the Church of England based in Frodsham, not far from Foxhill. He is Poet-in-Residence at Manchester Cathedral.


Monday 14th November 





Tuesday 6th December 


Retreat Leader: Revd Helen Kirk 



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