Residential Retreats

These retreats offer you space to recover and discover, allowing you to draw closer to God.

All residential retreats include en-suite bedrooms, along with all meals and refreshments.

(Please note - on occasions when en-suite bedrooms are fully booked, a non en-suite bedroom may be offered, with a discount offered accordingly.)

Booking forms available from:

Or call 01928 733777


Christian Mindfulness in Lent

1st March 4.00pm  -  3rd March 2.00pm  £165
Led by the Revd Shaun Lambert  

Mindfulness of God is a biblical and historical spirituality within Christianity. As we focus our attention on God we begin to be transformed along with our relationships. In this retreat Shaun will explore this transformation in depth in an interactive and dialogic way with simple practices to follow.


'That's where the light gets in...' 48 hours for Holy Week

26th March 4.00pm - 28th March 4.00pm  £165
Led by Andrew and Wendy Rudd

'There is a crack in everything. That's where the light gets in...' Leonard Cohen.

Be still and reflect on the mystery of Holy Week in the beautiful Spring environment of  Foxhill. In short introductions, Andrew will bring words and music to lead us into periods of silence. Wendy will offer creative spaces for quiet reflection.


Icon Painting Retreat 

9th April 10.30am - 13th April 4.00pm    £490
Led by the Revd Christopher Perrins

This new course to Foxhill is for anyone whether a beginner or someone who has more experience. Each person will paint an Icon using traditional techniques of egg tempera on a gessoed board, using the proplasmos technique with gold leaf for the background. The cost includes tuition and all materials.


The Kingdom and the Kitchen Sink

11th June 4.00pm - 13th June 2.00pm  £165
Led by Adrian and Bridget Plass  

There can appear to be an alarming gap between corporate and official expressions of what it means to be a Christian, and the reality of day-to-day struggles that are part of our attempt to follow Jesus faithfully. Over these two days Adrian and Bridget invite you to cool down, calm down, laugh quite a lot, and perhaps shed the odd tear, as together you discover what Jesus actually teaches about the most important aspects of being useful to him.


The Harvest of our Lives

7th September 4.00pm - 9th September 2.00pm -  £165
Led by Canon Veronica Hydon

A Creative weekend using a variety of art and craft materials to explore and celebrate different skills each of us have discovered, practised and developed during our lifetimes in a range work and leisure contexts, and sharing how God has blessed and encouraged us along the way.

This weekend will be contemplative as well as companionable. A time for greater appreciation of our own achievements as labourers in God's Harvest.


Celtic Treasures - Light from the past to inspire and illumine our lives today

21st September 4.00pm - 23rd September 2.00pm  £165
Led by the Revd Roy Searle

Celtic Christian spirituality was forged on the anvil of a changing world. Roy will explore treasures from the stories and traditions of the past that can bring hope, inspiration and light to our life and faith journeys in our changing contemporary church and world.


Living with Grief

9th November 4.00pm - 10th November 4.00pm  £95
Led Philippa and Graeme Skinner

This is a time where you can reflect on your loss, and what it means to live with it. There will be some thoughts on bereavement led by Philippa and Graeme, and times where you choose to be on your own or with others. 

The event is suitable for anyone who has been bereaved at least 6 months.


Advent Retreat 

30th November 4.00pm - 2nd December 2.00pm  £165
Led by the Ven Mike Gilbertson


Advent Individually Guided Retreat

3rd December 4.00pm - 6th December 2.00pm  £165
Led by Chester Diocesan Spirituality Team