A place of refreshment

"The water that I shall give will be a spring within, welling up and bringing eternal life” John 4:14                


Foxhill House is built around an internal well, which provides a beautiful image of what we aim to be.  As Jesus promises to be a well of life to all who come to Him, our commitment is to be a place of refreshment, restoration and renewal for all who visit us.

Foxhill is a flourishing place. Many people come for personal recovery and discovery.  Many others come for learning and sharing, seeking to be better equipped to share the good news of Jesus in word and action.  

Whatever you are looking for, we host a wide-range of residential and day retreats, study days and training programmes for many different churches and organisations.  Interested in coming on your own or with a friend?  Why not join one of our Foxhill-led retreats or quiet days?

Foxhill House can accommodate up to 28 guests overnight, and cater for up to 80 people. We have meeting rooms of various sizes, which are suitable for between 2 and 80 people.  Our chapel is a place of daily prayer and worship, and is available for groups to use as part of their visit.

Whether you come on your own or with others, whether you are a frequent visitor or coming for the first time, whether you are joining one of our events or using our facilities for your own programme, we look forward to warmly welcoming you to Foxhill!

The Foxhill Team